2019 Statistic: 3 Main Reasons Why Successful People Choosing to Work at Coworking Space

Coworking has now become a trend for young workers. Since its invention in 2005, flexible workspaces are growing double each year and has reached a total of 33.000 units this year. It is indeed an attractive concept to work freely without time and place restriction. Moreover, coworking space usually offers a comfortable place with great additional facilities like fast internet connection, printing, and even free coffee.

Nowadays, people who don’t have to attend to the office for work, prefer to work at coworking space rather than their own home or coffee shop. Here are the reasons why.

1. Expanding Professional Network

A recent survey from Ergonomic trends revealed that 82% of respondents has expanded their professional networks through coworking. Moreover, 64% also admitted that coworking network has been a crucial source for business referrals and their career building.

As the coworking users keep increasing significantly every year with a total of 3.1 million people globally in 2019, it is undeniable that coworking can be a great chance to meet new people from many profession, whether it is freelancers, corporate workers, digital nomads or others.

No matter what your profession is, a wide social connection may bring new job opportunities, important business partners, potential investors, and other rare opportunities.

2.  Self-Development

The survey also stated how work at coworking space can help people to become a better person, psychologically and mentally. By working together with various coworking members, 84% of coworkers believed that they feel more motivated and engaged to finish their task while 69% also said how coworking space becomes a great place to either develop or acquire new skills.

Most of the coworking members are freelancers that proficient in certain skills, such as web developing, graphic design, writing, marketing, and others. If you want to learn a new skill freely, coworking space is the perfect place to consider.

3.  Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Freelancers are growing fast. Most millennials and gen Z adore the idea of working flexibly anywhere and anytime. Even though this work concept can give a better chance for workers to manage their time, it can also lead to loneliness and disconnected feeling. It is only natural if many freelancers or remote worker feel lonely when they work alone at home for hours.

Fortunately, most of them revealed how coworking makes them feel less isolated. Based on the survey, 83% of respondents feel less lonely since coworking. Furthermore, 90% also state how they feel happier since joining coworking.

This day, coworking space is racing to meet the coworkers’ demands. By offering numerous facilities and services, coworking users can expect a great place to finish their job faster with better quality. Even though most of the coworking space ask for a renting fee, it is plausible if you consider the advantages that people get by coworking. Find the best coworking place for you right now and finish your task efficiently!